A Full Car

As many of you are well aware, I have two sisters. They are small and entertaining, although sometimes it’s this-will-be-funny-in-a-year-or-two entertaining.
Seeing as they are only five and almostfour years old, they spend a fair amount of their time playing. They play dolls, they play kitchen, they play school, they play road-trip; and they play with their Friends almost constantly.

Their Friends started showing up about six months ago. Luca was the first. He popped over every once in awhile, and stayed briefly. Then Jacob and Savis showed up. The trio- Jacob, Luca, and Savis- seemed to be here everyday. They are incredibly compliant, and are willing to do anything that the girls are up for.

A month or two ago, Sara and Hesitated joined the crew. Sara is the only girl, and tends to be here less than the three original boys. Hesitated rarely comes over, and I have yet to nail down what gender Hesitated belongs to.

Safino joined us most recently, and he seems to be fitting in well with the rest of the group.

The presence of all these Friends makes our lives both more interesting and slightly more confusing. The confusion is mostly due to the fact that at any one point, my sisters might actually BE one of the Friends. One might ask Larissa to perform some menial task (“please put your wrapper in the garbage,”) only to be informed that she’s not Larissa, she’s Luca. And Luca tends not to want to do chores.

We’re going to Indy for the weekend to watch Stevy swim, and I expect most of the Friends will be joining us. It’s going to be a full car, to say the least.



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  1. Grandma S.
    Nov 19, 2010 @ 19:42:38

    At this point, and not having met any of them personally (that may change this weekend), I’d have to say Hesitated is my favorite. He/she sounds like my kinda guy/gal.


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