Thanksgiving Meets Good Friday

I have never felt exceptionally thankful on Thanksgiving. I mean, I have never looked at Thanksgiving as the special one day of the year that I should be thankful. All of my prayers begin with a “thank you” for something that has been a blessing to me that day, and I have been known to go through an extensive list of “thank yous” before I even get to my requests.

So, if I’m already thanking God, what’s to make Thanksgiving special? Besides the family, the food, the fellowship, what’s so thankful about Thanksgiving? Am I supposed to be thankful for specific things that I am not usually thankful for? Is there a good personal tradition that I need to begin to help me commemorate Thanksgiving?

Actually, when I think about it, Thanksgiving and Good Friday have a lot in common. Unlike the disciples, whose world basically ended when Jesus died, we know the rest of the story. He rises again. He beats death. He’s got it under control, yo. So on Good Friday, we’re not heartbroken because Jesus died, we’re awestruck that He rose again. We sit quietly and think about Him purposefully dying because He loved us, and even as we mourn over our sin that killed Him, we all know in the back of our minds that He’s stronger than sin, and even death. I usually end my Good Friday with thanking God for love that I don’t deserve anyway.

So that sounds like a good way to approach Thanksgiving- like Good Friday, but with turkey.



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