We returned earlier this evening from a lovely weekend in Michigan. We spent time together, ate, watched football, playing football, watched White Collar, saw HP7, went to church, and ate.

Stevy and I, along with my cousins David and Catherine, are nominally close in age, and we all have great fun together. While my parents and sisters stay at my grandparents’ house every Thanksgiving, Stevy and I stay with the cousins, to facilitate late night and early morning (ha!) hang-out time.

When the (rare) argument arises over, say, the rules of an obscure card game, the four cousins are able to settle the dispute quickly and reasonably. This is a skill we lacked in our younger years, and are rather proud of now. When the above-mentioned rule dispute arose, I suggested we take a vote. This was a silly suggestion; Catherine and I wanted it one way, and the boys another, so the vote would have been evenly split. But in my opinion, once you have voted calmly and reasonably, you may return to your regularly scheduled dispute, because, hey, you DID take a vote.

There is a scene in Harry Potter 7 wherein the three main characters must decide what to do next. One suggests taking a vote. This instigated giggles and meaningful looks from my cousins, because the silliness of three people voting on something mirrors the silliness of four cousins voting on an issue that they already equally divided on.

I don’t think we actually took a vote on anything, but as long as everyone states what they want in a calm and concise manner, then really taking a vote is a secondary concern.


p.s. When I was filling out paperwork for my drivers’ license last week, I also registered to vote.


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  1. Grandma S.
    Jan 12, 2013 @ 11:54:50

    I love how the four of you get along. As you say, it was not always thus. I know you’ll be close all your lives. Or I will come back to haunt you.


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