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two little crazies who I plan to see this weekend.




I love living here. Here in the city, yes, but also here in my room. Here on this floor. Here in the room that I share with my roommate; my little bed and her tall bed on opposite sides of the room, blue bedspeads tucked neatly over our college-issued mattresses.

Here where one thin wall on each side separates us from friends. Here when we prop our door open almost all the time, opening the world of the hallway to the world of our room. Here where we go next door to ask a question and end up staying for an hour and a half, lounging on beds and couches and talking and laughing about almost anything. Here where the scent of brownies cooking in the floor’s kitchen floats down the hallway, and the walls in the hall are covered with verses, post-it note messages from one girl to another, and pictures of the girls living here.

Here where help with homework is only as far as the end of the hall, where I sit on the floor and listen to girls discuss music theory as I do my math problems. Because I didn’t need help as much as I just wanted to sit with people. Here where I say, thanks for the help, and she grins and says, good night honey.

Here where we live together and learn together and learn to grow together.


Miss This

This morning, for the first time in almost six months, I attended a Spanish-speaking church. I went with a group of Spanish-speakers from Moody, and I had a wonderful time getting to know my fellow students more, as well as being immersed in Mexican culture again.

But it really made me miss this:

and this:

and this, too:

and this:

and this:

and I really miss this:


The Best Extrovert

Aaron Shust played here at Moody last night; a wonderful, late-night service that included praise and worship, prayer in small groups, and a brief talk.

At one point during the concert, as multi-colored lights glowed softly in the background, the main speaker bowed his head and thanked God for how extroverted He is. Sitting in the audience with my chin resting on my pulled-up knees, the speakers’ words caught my attention.

We throw around terms like, “introverted” and “extroverted” all the time, sometimes without even knowing what they mean. Never before had I heard God described as an extrovert, but as the speaker continued, I began to realize that not only is God an extrovert; He’s the best extrovert.

He always pursues people, relentlessly showing us His love and mercy. He does not need to “take a break” from other people, or slip a nap in between outside activities. He never tires of loving us, listening to us, or supporting us. He will never let us down, or ask for a rain check because He’s just too wiped out from everything He’s got going on. God is better than us at listening, better than us at loving, better than us at being a friend, and better than us at forgiving. In fact, He’s so much better than us that we cannot even comprehend how wonderful He really is.

And yet, even with all this wonderful, unimaginable majesty, we can still have a personal, one-on-one relationship with Him.


Say Where #2 Revealed!

Yes, as a couple of you guessed, the location of this Say Where is Teotihuacan, Mexico!

This puts the scores at:
Syd: 17
Auntie Sarah: 11
Walgreens: 11
Corey: 23
Catherine: 9
Blanche: 11

Great work, everyone!


Bullet Point Post: College How-To

• It will be sad when your family leaves. Regardless of how close they live, or how many times you will rope them into bringing you random necessities that you left at home.

• On the first day of orientation, everyone is just getting to know everyone. This puts every single new student on an equal playing field, resulting in scads of fresh, young people who are eager to learn your name, where you’re from, and your major. Smile, answer their questions, and try your best to remember their name for the next time they accost you in the elevator.

• Regardless of how many options there are in the dining hall, there will soon come a meal where you don’t want any of it. Eat something anyway. Even if it’s an exact replica of the sandwich you had for lunch six hours before.

• After you have gotten your food, subtley glance around the dining room and surmise the scene while you fill your water cup. Don’t subtley glance for too long, or your water will overflow and the gentleman from dishcrew who happens to be stacking clean cups next to you will look at you in a rather concerned manner.

• Upperclassmen who make a point of hanging out with new students are a gift from God Himself. They tend to be kind, helpful, able to answer silly questions with obvious answers that you should have figured out yourself, and will most likely quickly become your friends. Don’t take them for granted.

• Ultimate frisbee at the beach with your brother floor is a great experience. Some guys and more…athletic than others, and they always welcome any sisters who want to join the game. However, when diving onto the sand to catch a goal, be aware of any nearby players who might accidentally crush your pinky toe with their knee.

• The second shower from the left sometimes sprays really, really hot water while you are soaping up. So does the shower on the far right. Try not to scald yourself or any parts of your body that happen to be under the shower spray.

Going to Target is always a good thing. Amen.

• If your RA’s door is open, you may go in and sit on her couch and discuss whatever you desire to speak about. She might even give you a peanut butter granola bar. The whole experience will be very enjoyable.

• Sitting in the lounge on your floor is always an entertaining experience. At 12:15am it will be entertaining because you are laying on the couch and listening to your thoughts. At 8pm it will be entertaining because there are twelve ladies sitting gathered on the couches, and odds are in your favor that at least one of them has something witty or thought-provoking to say at any given point.

• The student book sale is a cross between an outdoor market and a moshpit. The entire experience of hunting down, finding, and haggling for your books is very satisfying, especially if you already have your books and you are actually on the hunt for someone else’s books.

• All of the stories, legends, and cliches that you have heard about your school are probably true.

• Starting at a low point when your loved ones drive off into the horizon, your time at school will become better and better with every passing day. This will last at least one week, and possibly longer. Stay tuned for more details as to when the experience plateaus.

• Study Hard. Make good choices. Have fun.


Hurry Up and Say Where!

What with me doing that thing wherein I go to college, Say Where has slipped below number five on my List Of Things To Do At Any Given Moment. Actually, it’s probably farther down than five…

Regardless, I have a given moment right now, and it is encumbent on me to tell you that the whereabouts of this picture:

will soon be revealed! Thus, if you have not already, I strongly advise you to guess now, before the location and all guesses are revealed!

Also: check back later for another famed Bullet Point Post!


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