The Founder’s Week Snow Globe

Living in a snow globe.

Maybe you’ve heard me say it before, but it’s blowing white streaks past the window, and I looked up earlier, standing on the corner under the light of the streetlight, and the snow globe swirled around me.

It’s Founder’s Week.

Monday evening through Friday evening of classes replaced by speakers, worship, sitting in the balcony, friends on either side, taking notes and soaking at all in. And we lean across seats, whisper comments, agreement, questions, back and forth.

It’s Founder’s Week and I ride the shuttle up Wells, step off at the Moody Church, the snow turning to slush at the curb, under my boots. The Mother will tease because I like routine, rhythm, patterns of life, and last night, again tonight, I find the same seat, settle into wood-backed seat, narrow balcony aisle.

And it’s late and tomorrow morning there will be breakfast with Mar, then climbing stairs to the upper balcony for more speakers, more worship, more notes and thoughts and lessons and encouragement and challenge.

And Mary Pop, that sweet, wonderful RA and friend whose graduation I attended not two years ago, is visiting with her mother, her sweet baby girl. And this is my last Founder’s Week as a student, but there are alumni everywhere and who knows what the future will be; there might be Founder’s Weeks for me to attend yet.

But that future is months, years away, and the now, this moment is a snow globe view through the window, and the light over my sink flickers, and I’m tired, of course, but enjoying, savoring, walking through, each of these Founder’s Week moments.



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