Chapel Hour Haikus

Taking chapel notes,
big letters, Scripture verses
and poems on this page.

These Tuesday mornings,
sitting all on red velvet,
Nyquist wears a suit.

Thinking about summer,
sidewalk chalk and sand castles,
every year better.

It’s Taco Tuesday
but they have changed the menu,
I really don’t mind.

There’s two pianos
and one huge organ, as well;
we live, breathe, music.

I might make a list,
things I know I need to do,
I need more paper.

Di watches my page,
leaning over to see, smiling,
these poems amuse us.

Coming down the stairs
professor who prays so strong,
he asks how I am.

One haiku a day,
what what I be thinking of
if I lived in poems?


p.s. For more haikus, as well as a glimpse of my life during the summer, check out the This is Summer series.


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  1. Mary Difino
    Mar 10, 2014 @ 13:00:07



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