Even Then

I’ve been spending hours every evening reading, typing, re-writing.

Final paper is due tomorrow and it still feels as if there are mountains of work to do yet.

I’ve spent almost the entirety of the day at my desk, headphones in, typing, thinking, and typing again.

It’s slow. It’s laborious.

And it’s stressing me out.

But break for a trip to Walmart, scarfing our college student dinner in the lounge,

I plodded back down the hallway, to my desk once more.

Minutes later, Krista appeared in the open doorway.

Followed by Mar, then Di.

Headphones in, music fueling my focus, I couldn’t hear them coming.

But they came, and they stayed.

And I’ve still hours of work ahead of me,

(or maybe just two hours, I dare to hope)

but Mar’s on my bed, hand resting on her chin as she reads;

she’s a philosopher and a theologian,

her bravery, honesty, and love for poetry mixed to create someone

passionate, interesting and humbly adventurous.

On the Tall Bed, their feet dangling off the white quilted side,

Di and Krista sit side by side.

I can’t hear them, but occasionally, Di moves, and I glance up to see Mar laughing, her nose crinkled.

Earlier, at Walmart, Di, Mar, myself left as Krista entered, and Di screamed in excitement when she saw her, leaving Krista startled, me chuckling, and Mar apologizing to the cashiers.

Curled on her side, neon socks pulled over her leggings, Krista’s brilliant blue eyes track her homework sheet.

She takes Friday nights off- her Netflix nights- but the other days, the other evenings, she steps fast down the hallway, waist-length blonde hair swishing over her bedazzled bookbag.

Studying, working hard; I step to the bathroom after midnight many a night, only to find Krista sitting in the faintly lit hallway, Bible on one side, notebook, homework on the other.

We’re all here, less than two weeks from the end of the year, less than two weeks from Mar’s, Di’s graduation.

And this paper makes me fidget, my stomach turn,

but still, even then, I don’t want to forget this moment.



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