Almost Home


I like to think that the number of nights that I watch the clock tick past 1am, approach 2am, typing, reading, writing, are coming to an end.

At least for this year.

But they’re not over yet, and I’ll be here awhile yet, summarizing, reading, synthesizing, preparing.

But I found a picture from last summer, a late night list written hours before I departed for Guatemala.

The little Mani hung by my side, watching my pack, clinging to my free hand occasionally, touching my clothes, toiletries, carry on.

And later, after I had left, after I had landed in those green Guatemalan mountains, the Mother found my packing list, snapped a picture of where the littlest sister had written her name on my list, least she be forgotten.

And I found the picture tonight, almost a year later, and tonight, I’d just like to be home.



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