There are toddler clothes spread across the living room carpet,

miniature leggings, a Minnie Mouse sweater, a pile of pink onesies.

A small backpack of diapers.

Later, we’ll add her green juice cup, her baby, blanket.

“Two weeks” became more than five.

“Several more” became one more night,

and tomorrow, we’ll kiss this sweet almost two-year-old goodbye.

But tonight, she sleeps still in her crib,

her even breathing and the squeak-squeak-squeak of her sucking her fingers

the night’s soundtrack.

Just as her baby voice and parroting, ever-expanding vocabulary

have been the soundtrack of our days.

She’s a sweetie, the social worker says.

And he’s right.

And we’ll miss this adventurous, cuddly, copy-cat, chatty little sweetie

very much.



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