The first hour of the first day of my last semester at school began with opening my Bible to read (in a New School Year resolution to get back into reading the Bible), only to find the second half of the New Testament dripping wet.

A quick investigation revealed a pile of cards (lovingly written to me at WOW Camp), the four sheets of paper that I printed yesterday, and my computer sitting in a puddle of water on my desk.

Because, as I realized, non-sealed water bottle + pillow pushed off the bed = excessive spillage.

Thankfully, everything worth saving was salvageable; my six-year-old fighter of a computer puttered to life without a care in the world, and I suddenly found the motivation to clean off my desk, a task which needed done, although I did not envision myself doing so with a towel in my hand.

This evening, with six syllabi waiting to be entered into the 2×2 inch squares on the Almighty Ruler of My Life (also known as my calendar), I finished, emailed to myself, and hopped downstairs to print the summer reading paper which must accompany me through the door of my 8am class tomorrow.

The printers are out of paper.

Loathe to walk to the library, and (wrongly) assuring myself there must be some solution, I proceeded to waste nearly an hour puttering around on multiple printers, both those of the school, and friends, in the (apparently vain) hope that I might avoid a 7am jaunt to the school library.

But alas, woe, woe, to the library I go.


But these inconveniences, these annoyances, their affect on me was somewhat less than I anticipated as I watched my plans first for the morning, then the evening, crumble rather dramatically. I suppose I maintained as level a head as I originally possessed through the (greatly-helpful) power of the Holy Spirit.

And I doubt that will be the last time, either. Because life is a hard thing to nail down, specifically, and these little moments of ineffective machinery or non-fatal user error on the account of water bottles (for instance) happen when we least expect them. Annoying. Time wasting. And probably largely inevitable.

So I take a breath, shrug, make a new plan, and move on to the next thing.

(And also pray like crazy that I don’t forget to print my paper in the morning.)



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