Eight Months Here Again

For six days a week, between now and December 12th, you will read the devotional that I have posted online, and then write a brief comment responding to the accompanying reflection questions.

It’s homework. Assigned. For points.

I’ve known the professor since my first months at this school, three years ago. And I’ve been familiar with his blog since those first freshman classes, as well. I follow it on WordPress. Skim through it, occasionally.

It’s Bible studies that he writes.

Expository, starting at the beginning of a book. Moving, section by section, to the very end. Passage, reflection, questions.

And now we’re in Methods of Teaching the Bible and he says your lives and the curriculum and he’s modeling godly teaching, and he’s requiring Bible study blog post comments.

And I don’t mind at all.

Last fall was an unintentional experiment in the unsettling ease with which I was able to slide through an entire semester with a greatly stunted, or perhaps nonexistent, faith.

Having intentionally set aside such disciplines as Bible reading, prayer, and the maintenance of a Christian worldview, I found it to be too much to take them up again.

First the summer, then the fall of 2013 passed in a blur of semi-annoyed purposelessness.

It was a new feeling to feel the solid ground beneath me give way to marshy apathy and negativity, and I tripped, fell, angrily sprawled over things that should not have rattled me so.

I was lost, at first willingly, and then confusedly, in a maze of lies and fear: the lie that I couldn’t return to the faith I once held to, and fear that that was true.

Happily, thankfully, wonderfully, a song in a church over Christmas break- reconciliation and hope in four verses and a chorus- brought my tired heart and mind gratefully back.

Back to grace. Back to joy and energy, forgiveness and empathy.

And back to truth.

And now, nearly eight months to the day later, I sit in my bed, in the same room that brimmed over with confusion, anger, apathy last year. And I open that blog, and I read, and I reflect, and I respond,

and it is joy.


p.s. The blog is called The Plymothian, and features wonderful devotionals and reflection questions, as well as (between now and December 12th) an inside look at my homework. :)


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