Not Time

I’ve some thoughts, ideas, things I’m considering.

Stored in my mind, ruminating in the corners of my heart.

Because there’s a lot to see

and a lot to think about

and a lot to tell you

(and a lot to treasure, to remember alone)

about a month at school; one month of my last four

at this downtown concrete haven.

But, it’s been a very, very busy month. It’s been a race of

homework, assignments, obligations and choices.

It’s been fun and challenging and stretching and rather exhausting

and I’m learning- oh, am I learning.

But all these stories and lessons

and those rolling, moving moments

take time to tell.

It takes time to weave together in words

the strands of narratives that I know criss cross across

the pages of my life.

And right now, in this very moment;

in this week, this day, this night,

I don’t quite have the time.

So I’m still here, and I’m still running the steady sprint of a race

that’s been three years in the making and is nearly done.

But for now,

just for now,

the stories remain mine.

Until I’ve time to tell you.

And when I do- don’t worry.

You’ll know.



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