A Whole Lot of WordPress

I found myself this evening completely immersed in WordPress. Not only do I spend time perusing WordPress pages when I write for you here, but I also have been sporadically completing my required responses on my professor’s blog, where I give my word that all of my responses are thoughtful, intentional, and five days late. In addition to these two, I began a new blog just hours ago, which page was born to fulfill a homework requirement, but which I may choose to continue, should I see it is beneficial to my future career as a teacher.

But as I click through WordPress tabs and Google search my own posts to find just what I’m looking for, it occurred to me that there are many, many photos from the days I spent in Guatemala in July that have not appeared here. This is mostly because of the thousands of pictures that were taken, I took very few, and therefore have none of them on my computer. But, a couple moments navigating through Facebook resulted in a few wonderful shots of the our Guatemala days.


Visiting the first grade at Escuela El Esfuerzo


In Kindergarten at Escuela El Calvario. There were no teachers in this particular classroom throughout our three-hour visit, so we played and we read and we sang and we laughed, and I could have stayed in that miniature wooden chair for hours, reading whatever scrappy picture book those boys brought me.


A large focus of the trip was constructing houses for two widows living in the town with their children. My role in the construction process consisted mainly of using a machete to peel the bark off of the wooden slats (seen above) that would become the walls of each home. The father participated at a slightly more intellectual level- measuring and cutting the slats to fit the exact space between wall pillars. However, when it came time to transport said slats between sites, everyone chipped in. 
guate5Our team, hailing from three different states, and most of whom met one another for the first time upon arriving in Guatemala. This early morning photo was taken along the trail that we walked every day from our house to the house of our host, which was also, conveniently, where we ate all our meals. There is a mountain hidden somewhere in the clouds behind us.

There are many more photos, of course, capturing scenes and memories from our week that even I have yet to revisit. But it’s past midnight, and I suppose I should be onto another WordPress post. But I’ll be back. Later, soon, eventually.




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  1. jonstolpe
    Nov 02, 2014 @ 13:56:32

    We really appreciated the opportunity to serve with you, your Dad, and Therese. Our family is trying to discern when our next trip to Xenacoj will be.


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