The Day to Come

I wrote today, in my required daily journal,

that I’ve been pleasantly surprised,

happily unsuspecting,

to find that teaching, observing,

spending my days in that second floor classroom,

hold the same magic,

the same retreat,

the same exclusion,

as attending school as a student has for years.

Growing up,

high school,

and into my college career,

I relished, marveled, at the way school- learning- could so engage my mind,

so bring my thoughts and my heart away from the peaks and edges

of worry, anxiety;

the shakes and knocks, pulls and punches of life outside the walls of a classroom.

That was then, before.

And now, halfway through Week Two of student teaching,

I opened my eyes today,

looked around that classroom,

and found it to be just the same.

There are still things on my mind,

there remains- and alway will remain- thoughts and concerns,

convictions and conversations,

that pull me, twist me, drag me.

And they are real and they will stay.

Mostly because I’m a fallen one living amongst fallen ones,

and so it will always be.

But entering those yellow metal doors,

stepping up water-slippery steps to the second floor,

what I worry and what I agonize

slips from my mind,

and I step down the hall,

all the way to the end,

and then it’s just a room

and eighteen young hearts,

and the day before us.

And they each bring thoughts

and they each bring burdens,



And their lives and my life color what we say

and what we do

and how we think.

But there in that room, as the sun moves along its path

high above us,

we’re working together

and we’re building together,

and we’re learning together,

and the outside world fades, just a little.

And that’s okay,

because maybe- prayerfully, graciously- during those classroom hours,

lives are being shaped,

and hearts are growing,

and Christ is becoming yet more evident,

and at the end of the day,

when the bell rings downstairs,

and the gym-floor pickup line dwindles down,

and they are home, they are off once more,

the hours we’ve had throughout the day

have prepared them,

taught them,

trained them,

and given them energy,


grace, hope, and joy;

just a little more than they had,

and just as much as they need

for the day to come.



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  1. Grandma S.
    Jan 14, 2015 @ 08:47:40



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