I’m There

Tonight I cried,

tears hot in my eyes as I typed,

lump in my throat,

because there’s a teacher,

a woman who’s taught and cared for,

loved and supported,

these students for the long months leading from August to January,

and now I’m there,

now I’m getting my footing,

stepping up to teach,

to lead,

to answer and to listen and to care and to guide,

and it’s not all my responsibility yet,

and I’ll have support all along,

but I’m beginning to steps

of taking that role,

and with every inch along the way,

with every lesson,

with every conversation,

with every correction and high five and whisper in the hallway,

I am so very aware

of the gift that this classroom is.

Because standing at her desk,

surrounded by gifts and papers from her students,

I watched the teacher’s clear eyes become glassy,

shining with tears,

as she talked about the students,

these 18 hearts she’s come to so love

and care for,

and there in that moment, I felt the heaviness settle on my shoulders,

and on my heart,

because I’m accepting what she’s offering,

the unspeakable responsibility and incomparable blessing

of being with these young ones every day.

I’m there and I’m learning,

I’m working and I’m growing,

teaching and trying,

and I’m so blessed, too.










1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. elizabethnwinter
    Jan 17, 2015 @ 08:15:39

    Praying for you Nat! I’m so so excited for the way God will use you this semester in the kids’ lives! Love you!!


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