If For No Other Reason

There could be books written, although I hope there never are, containing the things to which I do not know the answers.

At this very moment, I would nominate prayer to be included in these vast books.

I’m really not sure how it really works.

I know the speaking, the writing, the wordless, soundless begging. I am familiar with all of those.

I know the Lord and the listening and the greatness of hearing it all and knowing it all and answering it all. I’m not Him, but I know what He’s said and I trust what He’s done, and these are some things I really just know.

But the other things are harder, really.

Like, the balance and the movement of my heart becoming words lifted high, which become, in turn, an answer returning to this ground once more. Not always an agreement, a desire granted, of course, but an answer, nonetheless. I just don’t get that, quite all the way.

Or, how words I pray now, over the one sitting to my left in small group, over the small students whose desks I sometimes slip into while they’re gone, whose very places in the room I have murmured quiet prayers over- how does what I pray now affect their lives, change their hearts? How does it come to fruition, really?

Those are things that I don’t know.

We’re commanded to pray, some say. And I don’t think I’m really one to disagree with that statement. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s in the Word of God, which of course, lends a rather strong amount of credibility to the mandate.

But why, really?

Why are we praying?

For obedience, I suppose. At least to begin with. But there’s more there- there really has to be. There is a relational depth, a sense of knowing God, of interacting- conversing- with God Himself that I often sense in prayer. My journal pages are littered, emblazoned, honored, with the capital letter scrawl I use to mark what I believe He says, what He would have me feel.

Pray for that, of course.

Pray for decisions, the life changes and shifts and open doors approaching closed that mark the path of every person living, moving through the days and the weeks that God stretches before us.

Pray for guidance and grace, compassion and kindness, forgiveness and the heart ability to forgive. Pray for strength- no, more than that, fall on the floor before God, asking for strength, because what we have is not coming from me, nor from you. That I know.

And pray, if for no other reason, because the praying is the talking, and sometimes the listening, and there’s another there, and He talks and He guides. He guides and He answers and there is something to be said, and there is something to be heard. And if there is no prayer for just any other reason, pray because this is the One who is greater than all, and He is listening, He is waiting, He is willing, and that is a peace that I dare not miss.



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  1. justicefreed
    Jan 19, 2015 @ 07:45:16

    I love this!!


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