A Ray

Math instruction, I’m minutes in.

Talking about lines and rays

And the arrows we put on the ends of the ray,

To show that it really doesn’t stop.

And he’s there in his seat, hand in the air.

One finger: comment.

Fingers crossed: bathroom.

Open palm: question.

He’s got one finger raised. A comment.

And I consider for a moment,

Just for a moment, asking him to wait.

But then, Yes? Comment, David?

And he smiles, his dark hair spiking

Every which way; a mind of its own.

And he says, God is like a ray.

Because He doesn’t have a beginning,

And he’ll never end;

He just goes on.

And I nod, and I smile, too,

And that’s one comment,

I’ll never regret


And next time there’s a thought,

A mid-lesson finger raised high in the air,

I might just take it.

Because these little hearts?

They have a lot of truth in them.



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