Two Teachers Now

You have two teachers now, she told them on my very first day,

before I knew names,

before they’d even heard mine.

And she’s kept those words like a promise,

sharing responsibility, authority, activities with me,

throughout the school day, and after, too.

But besides the teamwork, the partnership of taking turns,

working together to build all those little souls up,

I think my favorite part

is during a lesson, during a conversation,

during a learning activity,

when I’m over here, maybe perched on the stool,

and she’s across the room, maybe at the corner desk,

and something happens,

someone says something,

and we glance up,

catch the other’s gaze over those eighteen 4th grade heads,

and we smile.

Because there’s are two teachers now,

and we both caught that phrase,

found that funny,

heard that reference,

and we’re both savoring it,

enjoying it,

smiling about it.



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