They Keep Me

Many of you have heard me say it before,

but I don’t mind repeating, either.

Because I want to remember the way that these 19 kids,

the nine year olds, ten year olds with whom I spend my days-

I want to remember the way that they make me laugh.

Because really, truly, I don’t remember ever before experiencing

the joy, the smiles,

and oh, the laughter

that I cherish every day in 4th grade.

These kids, they just keep me rolling.

They make me work hard, of course,

and I stress myself, push myself,

to be prepared, to be on top of things,

to be ready for the morning, 8:10am, when they appear at the top of the stairs.

But in the work, and the challenge, and the preparation,

amongst all that,

I just can’t wrap my head around the blessing that it is,

to not only have these precious, hilarious, people with me all day long,

but also to hear their jokes, their musings, their quirks.

To see them play, learn, interact.

I marvel that He made them,

that they are so very unique, creative- it’s amazing, really.

And I marvel that, for these short months at least, they are mine.

And I count every single one an unbelievable gift.

And really, I can’t wait to see them again tomorrow.



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