Going On Here 

One part that I hate about semesters, jobs, student teaching placements ending,

Is that not only are you saying goodbye 

To a life and a routine 

And all the people that come along with it, 

But you’re also working hard to finish well; to turn in paperwork, and write goodbyes, and attend farewells. 

And not only that, 

But you’re also preparing for whatever it is that comes next. 

So in all the working and the finishing and the preparing, 

Sometimes the just being, and the savoring gets lost. 

I hate that. 

Because you get to the end, to the finish line there, and the past days, the past weeks, the past time, has gone by like the blink of a eye. 

And I know I’ll look back next year, next transition, and relish the memories of this one. 

Just like I look back on the end of last semester, last year. 

But still, just right now, that’s not comforting, yet. 

Because right now, I’m just goodbying and working and moving and preparing, 

And it doesn’t really feel like a lot of savoring and remembering 

Are going on here. 



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