This is Summer: Season Four {Preview}

The weeks that have passed, these days that pass in the blink of an eye, have been filled with teaching and planning, managing and- sometimes- excelling. 

I’ve been consumed by, totally drawn into, the lives and hearts of 13 little ones; they fill my days, and planning for them, thinking about them, fills my nights. 

And in ten days, when the school year ends and my stars graduate from kindergarten, I will so miss them. 

But beyond that, in the days and weeks that follow, I know what comes next. 

It’s summer. 

Summer with its beach afternoons, belongings spread on damp towels, sisters running, playing, splashing with friends just barely made. 

Summer is Barnes and Noble, library days, and reading books, planning to read books, listing and noting and saving books because I’ve so many to read, and so many that I come back to, over and over, flipping through pen-marked passages to find just what I want to read. 

Summer is Michigan trips and unplanned afternoons with friends, walking the Lakefill as the moon shines over the crystal lake and playing glow in the dark ultimate frisbee at midnight. 

Summer is a break and a stretch, an entirely different arena, and now, as the wind blows rain through the chilled trees outside, I’m so eager for sun, for warmth, and for all those summer days. 



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