A Contract

It’s been rather a while since my last post mostly because: kindergarten. As the weeks passed, the days became natural; a rhythm, a pattern of waking, working, teaching, loving.

Kindergarteners still throw fits, argue, and tattle on each other until kingdom come, but they also make me laugh, tell me they love me 100 times a day, and look out for each other.

And even when the noise seems just too loud, and the rules are broken yet another time, and my patience is thinning, the wonderful truth is that there in that three-story school building, there are so many others  who know the students, care about the students, have built relationships with the student for far longer than I have.

There are teachers, administration workers, aides, who smile and support, encourage and laugh, listen and advise. It feels like a family; a family I’ve fallen into and fallen in love with.

And weeks ago, when I was nearly lost in the thick of job searching while teaching, graduating and planning field trips, documenting behavior and documenting credits completed, there began to be talk of staying. Oh, how I wanted to stay. Kindergarten ends, their sweet, energetic teacher returns this fall, and my time (for now) teaching phonics, sitting on the fish carpet, is over.

So I waited and prayed, half-heartedly dabbled in job applications at other schools, and asked whenever it seemed socially appropriate if there was any word, any change, any job?

And then one Saturday afternoon, after a verbal offer that left me soaring, a contract appeared in my inbox, the words 5th grade in bold italics. I signed it three days later.

And now, kindergarten graduation is tomorrow, and we’ve been working so hard on our songs and our verse, and the room is half clean, the closet rather unorganized. But there are three days yet to clean and to organize. And in amongst the recovering from kinder, there will be 5th grade meetings, preparation, collection ideas and curriculum and more paperwork still.

And then it will be summer. And many, many things come along with that, but I do hope, among all the plans and the things, that I am able to spend more time here, writing and remembering, sharing and seeing.

Because I like it and I miss it, and it’s always nice to be back.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Grandma S.
    Jun 10, 2015 @ 12:31:53

    That school is fortunate to have you. And I say that as an impartial observer. I’ll bet your other grandmother agrees with me, so it must be true.


  2. Grammy and Poppi
    Jun 10, 2015 @ 18:21:26

    This Grammy totally agrees with what the other Grandma says !!!! <3


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