The Jen, Again

Some of you know the story. The tale of a sweet friend, new student at Moody for mere months, and adventures had even as we both sunk deeper into the realization that it would be a long, long time until we lived remotely close to each other again. 

Jenny moved back to Texas two years ago, after a year at Moody, and time together over the past 24 months has been sparse, carefully planned, and savored. 

But a wonderful thing about the Jen is that she’s one of many- surrounded by siblings, family as kind, encouraging, inclusive as she herself is.

Two years ago, I rode a megabus with Jen and an older sister, spent a weekend at another sister’s graduation from New Tribes. I loved it. I still talk to that sister. 

And now, on Friday, another sister is getting married, and tomorrow morning, I’m driving to Ohio for the wedding. 

For a wedding, yes, but what I’m looking forward to, counting down to, is the time with the Jen, with her siblings, with these people who are welcoming, entertaining, and kind enough to tolerate my repeated crashing of their events. 

And let me just say: I’m so excited to see the Jen again. 

~ Natalia 

{Photo taken at the Maggie Daley Ribbon in February, 2015}


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