The Right Place

You’re right, of course, that school hasn’t started yet.

There are, blessedly, two more weeks before those sweet learners arrive on our doorstep,

take their seats in our classrooms.

But I don’t think the start of school, the chaos and rhythm of learning, will change my mind:

I know I’m in the right place.

A place where I stepped down the cement steps to the basement cafeteria this morning, and my first greeting was a cheery buenos días from the school’s principal.

A place where I slipped my bookbag off my shoulder at a table to the sound of our cleaning lady/staff cook/all around hard worker yelling at me si quiería café, and I was more than content to stir sugar into my coffee with the spork she handed me.

A place where the professor whose wisdom, counsel, and grace guided me through the whirlwind of undergrad spends a day with the school staff, and his passion for the Lord, and for teaching, remind me why I’m here in the first place.

A place where teachers are coworkers and friends, and we call to each other, voices carrying through open doors, asking have you seen a stapler, are you using this bulletin board, did you find your rug? 

A place where each student is a learner, each child is a reader, but more so, ever so infinitely more so, each child is a child of God, an image-bearer of our Creator.

This is a place of value, a place of depth, a place of learning to be like Christ- as a teacher, as a student, as a body, and because of that, this is the right place.



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