Life Right Now {#66}


I graduated yesterday

from Moody Bible Institute

and the years leading up to yesterday

were so very deep and rich

and hard and sweet

and the weeks leading up to yesterday

were some of the best

and just right now

I’m having a hard time

thinking, believing,

that all of those wonderful, awful, complex years

are over now.



Life Right Now {#65}

These weekends home, 

With the brother at school, 

It’s more often than not

Three girls in the backseat, in the living rooms, out and about, 

And these kids, these sisters- 

I’m so head over heels for them, 

And they’re so very fun, 

I savor it all. 


Life Right Now {#64}


Another weekend of action and moving. Another two days that make the five-day workweek seem restful.
Another 48-hour agenda of going and seeing, talking and experiencing, meeting up and visiting.

And I do not complain.

Especially when this weekend featured two days with The Jen and Mar; late night movie and breakfast tacos, lakeshore iceskating, and donuts in the back of a packed Stan’s.

And now, I set the alarm for 6:01am, and the countdown begins for another day, another week, another weekend.

But really, each day is unique and rah day is a gift, and I’ll take every one, just as they come.


Life Right Now {#63}


On that familiar train platform,
This time waiting with cousins,
Sisters, parents.
Nearing the end of this short Christmas break,
Traipsing downtown
In the rain and the sleet.
Shopping and snacking,
Michigan Avenue
And the Lincoln Park Zoo Lights.
I may have left the city for now,
But there’s a lot of wonder there yet.


Life Right Now {#62}


Late night Chicago driving,
Moving slow, rolling around residential streets.
Counting Santas and watching
White lights flicker
Along towering houses.
They wore their jams;
Fleece footies and penguin nightgown,
Slipped right into bed when we got home.


Life Right Now {#61}


It was a Christmas decorating weekend at home,

Along with so many other things.

And the countdown shortens every night,

To when I’ll be home again with them.

But that just means I’ve less and less days

To relish here at school;

To finish strong and well and proud,

And allow my heart to rest, to thrill, in the blessing of being here

All these wonderful college years.


Life Right Now {#60}





Watching the big girls dance

While her own sister

Races, stretches, moves

In the studio next door.


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