This is Summer: Season Six {Episode 25}


Mother and son dance

The most handsome groomsman and

the very best mom



This is Summer: Season Six {Episode 12}


In the bridal room

Drinks, chats, and makeup touch-ups

before the party


This is Summer: Season Six {Episode 10}


She’ll be married next

She’ll wake on that fall morning

They’ll I do that day


This is Summer: Season Six {Episode 9}


Bachelorette Round Two

Evening on Lake Michigan

I’ll always love this


This is Summer: Season Six {Episode 7}


Bachelorette party

our style: water park, Chinese

kick off wedding week!


This is Summer: Season Six {Episode 2}


Picking out cookies

So many wedding details

but I’ll take the joy.


Back and Coming Again

Elementary Education and Bible Secondary Education class of 2015. Photo taken in Hampshire, Illinois, where, unlike the city, the leaves change color in the fall, and it is gorgeous.

Snapped a selfie in the choir room in the moments before our walks down the aisle.

It’s been a handful of days since I was here, I know.

Moody’s Missions Conference began last Tuesday night, kicking off with an evening of multi-cultural and multi-lingual preaching and worship. The night ended with a praise-dance-party, to the soundtrack of cheering, and the organized chaos of hundreds of students moving, worshipping, celebrating.

Wednesday meant saying goodbye to my last Missions Conference as an undergrad student and joining my fellow future teachers for a two-day education conference in the far suburbs. We dressed as teachers, relished time spent together, and learned from teachers, leaders, and professionals whose careers are years beyond our own, and whose wisdom we note on scrap paper, in notebooks, store away in mental notes and memories.

Friday brought a wedding on the horizon, as Kat prepared to so “I Do
with Fred. There was rehearsal, dinner, preparations, conversations, planning, organizing, decorating, and a heavy dose of conversation and catching up with old friends in between.

Saturday, wedding day, brought all the excitement and action you might imagine, and a wonderful reception to boot.

And now it’s Sunday night, nearly 1am, and I’m nodding, fighting sleep, even as I write.

So I will leave for now, but I’m back and I’m here and you’ll hear from me in the coming days, I bet.


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