Safe Families for Children

My mom picked me up from school, pulling into Moody’s Vislot that chilly April first. I climbed into the front passenger seat, twisting eagerly to peer into the carseat perched


in the row behind me. There sat J, my parents’ first ever Safe Families placement.

Hair braided in two cornrows, he breathed heavily, his deep sleep interrupted often, violently, by wet, hacking coughs. He woke when we arrived at my parents’ house, babbling three-year-old lingo, voice husky and rough. We followed behind him, a hesitant trail of older siblings, as Tam showed J his bed, the bathroom, the kitchen.

J lived with my family for two exhausting, heart-rending months, more than four years ago. He was the first of many little ones to pass through their home, and his story and that of his family changed my life forever.

J’s story hasn’t ended, and there are hundreds of children across the nation whose families are facing temporary crisis, battling hopelessness and helplessness. Through Safe Families for Children, families, individuals, and churches are reaching into the darkness, coming alongside to help moms, dads, grandparents, and children who need a hand up.

Visit the Safe Families website to find out how you can become involved, and then, for a firsthand glimpse into Safe Families hosting, check out the posts below.

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