The List

What got me through, she said, was finding time whenever I could to do things that give me joy. 

What gives you joy? I asked her, a blue speech bubble appearing on my phone screen.

Later, my phone lit up once more, a list of her joys illuminating the screen.

That’s a good list, I told her.

It’s a great list, she replied. Then, you should make your own.

And so I am.

  1. Reading on quiet mornings
  2. Wearing my Adidas slides
  3. Lying on hardwood floor
  4. Late night grocery shopping
  5. Looking into the eyes of a child and seeing their joy
  6. Introducing someone to a book that I love
  7. The moment a plane touches down
  8. Drinking tea
  9. Reading aloud
  10. Ed Sheeran
  11. Snuggling into cold sheets at the end of the day
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